Lightroom disaster today


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Jun 7, 2019
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tried to purchase and install lightroom today thought I understood process. Wow was I mistaken, first of all told it to use one of my alternate drives for install. It put in Windows pictures folder default I guess, I started importing images I have over 8K images. As soon as import started One Drive started copying files. Took over an hour to install, download, configure. I just uninstalled and getting refund from Adobe. I used Workspace and Canon DPP and have a Capture One install. Why can't I install on another drive I have c thru g SSDs on my Alienware R10 Ryzen 3700? Is Lightroom even worth it?

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Sep 6, 2019
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My guess is you have to let it install where it wants, but once installed, you can probably go into the program settings and tell it to look elsewhere for your photo library and even where your working drive is. Just guessing though, since I don't use LR anymore, but that's how it worked back in the LR6 days.
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There are three locations to consider:
- where will the program files be installed?
- where will the Lightroom catalog (i.e. the database or library file with information about your photos) be located?
- where will the photos themselves (the original raw or jpeg files) be stored?

From your description I am not sure which of the three you are having problems with. It sounds like you imported photos using the Copy option, which would create duplicates of all your existing photo files in a new location, was that what you intended? Or did you want to leave the photos in their original location (which is certainly possible)?
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Henrik has free access to all courses until end of April. There's a Lightroom basics course which deals with exactly this - where to install the program, how catalog files etc. work. I strongly suggest you watch it and don't give up on Lightroom just yet. I was just as frustrated trying to navigate the Library module of Lightroom myself - should have watched that course first...


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Mar 25, 2018
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I have external drives which I store my photos on. Each drive has its own LR catalogue on the same drive. I back them up too.

It's not as complicated as one would think as long as you work from within Lightroom and work methodically, remembering that once an image is imported to Lightroom, do not move it with explorer - you must move it within Lightroom's navigation pane.

It really is worth watching some of the dozens of LR tutorial videos on youtube BEFORE setting up LR on your PC. Tim Grey did one along the lines of 'how to avoid a big mess in Lightroom'.

EDIT: He's done several presentations, some with B&H. Here is one:
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