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Feb 1, 2018
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Hi there,

I have been searching around for an answer but not quite found what I have been looking for.

I currently have Lightroom CC Classic with my original files located on my Synology NAS and my Lightroom catalog and smart-previews etc stored locally on both my Macbooks (as the Lightroom folder is in a cloud-synced folder so that it's on both my MacBooks and the cloud via Apple iCloud)

I like the idea of moving to Lightroom CC and having the original images and the catalog saved in the Adobe Cloud - however, I still want to keep a copy of all the originals on the NAS (and make sure that the originals on the NAS match the originals on the cloud both in terms of individual files but also folder structure)

From what I understand, I can select an option in Lightroom CC that keeps a copy of the originals in a select/chosen location - so I can select the NAS for example as the location for the "originals back up"

So I am trying to understand before I go and purchase CC is what the workflow would look like and how organized the "originals back up" would be on the NAS

I would imagine the workflow would look something like this.

1. Import new images into Lightroom CC (direct from USB / SDXC)

2. Those images are now stored on the cloud

3. Those images would then get downloaded to the chosen "original back up" location.

4. If I delete an image on the cloud, it would also be deleted from the back-up location.

My questions are:

- Is that workflow correct?

- Would it make more sense to upload the photos onto the NAS, then import those photos into CC from the NAS and have the cloud and the NAS import/folders be synced? or does it not work like that?

- How organized is the "originals back up" - is it just one massive folder full of images or would it mimic the collection structure in which you have imported the files into

- How are presets handled? Do they belong in the cloud so can be used on any device or do I need to make sure they are installed on any device I have?

Thank you in advance

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Jan 26, 2018
I have Lightroom Classic (the one with low cloud capacity) and I have not used Cloud storage so am unable to confirm the workflow you mention. However one things that put me off using the cloud as you describe are firstly that I prefer to have the originals in my possession so would use the Cloud as back-up. Secondly is download time with internet speeds - I would prefer to sync to the cloud overnight while I am sleeping than do it as my primary action. And I would never have Cloud as my only back-up but would have a minimum of one hard disc plus cloud: I have, however, considered holding raw images on disc and saving jpegs to the cloud.
And if you are considering backing your existing catalogue to the cloud, then consider the time required.


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Dec 6, 2016
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As far as I know LR CC creates a rather weird folder structure locally you can't adjust, please correct me if I'm wrong.
I'd try it with a few images to see what happens to them, same with presets.

I'm actually in a similar situation. I just don't want to switch completely to CC, some important functions are still missing. I use classic to import, tag, copyright images to my NAS - that's ok so far. Then eventually create smart previews and a collection for LR CC, so I can edit on a tablet or web or whatever.
But I still have no solution to get all the RAW files automatically synced to the cloud, Adobe CC won't let one select network locations. NAS is a headless Linux server.
Also no option for Synology as far as I know.

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