Lightroom and Photoshop, Do I Need Elements?

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by Harvey Melvin Richards, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. I have used PSE 6 since it was released, mostly for organizing my 25,000+ photos. It won't read a lot of the newer EXIF data, so I tempted to get a newer version. I currently have the subscription to Lightroom and Photoshop. I have tried to figure out what each offers, but it makes my head hurt. If I get PSE 13, do I gain anything over LR and PS?
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    Doug Green
    Well, there's nothing Elements can do that Photoshop doesn't do. Except allow you not to pay for a perpetual subscription.
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  3. GBarrington

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    I think Elements has some scrapbooking tools lacking in Photoshop proper . . .
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    I use Lightroom 5 along with Elements 10. I adjust in lightroom and then send the file out to elements as a tiff (this is done automatically between the programs) if I need to work on it over there. Lightroom adds this new file to the folder so if I just save what I have done in elements and close that program, when I go back to lightroom there it is with all the changes. My elements is to old to read my RAW olympus files but if I work it this way I don't need to upgrade which is just as well as I don't use it enough to warrant upgrading. Lightroom is great and can be purchased outside the CC which is even better.
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    PSE is basically a stripped down version of PS. If you already have LR and need for PSE. Instead try a totally new set of plugins such as the Nik Collection or Perfect Photo Suite.
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    I love lightroom, if you have the ps & lr bundle like I have, then there really is no need for elements.

    Having said that, Photoshop, to me, is so complex that I never seem to get anywhere. PSE may be simpler to use, and simplicity may be a easier pill to swallow.

    Lightroom is great for cataloging photos. Have you had any success so far?
  7. I am getting there with the success. I imported my catalog from PSE 6 to LR. PSE 6 couldn't read the ORF's, so none of them were imported. I have been slowly updating and re-importing. LR also was having difficulty with my older catalogs, so once again I'm slowly updating them. I do like the tags in LR better than PSE 13, but I did like them OK in PSE 6.

    As a total side note, how do you rotate an image 180° in LR? The most I can manage is with the crop tool and only 45°.
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    The Rotate and Flip options are under the Photo menu on the main menu.
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    Really, I would wean yourself off PSE if you are happy to afford the LR/PS CC program.

    LR is a much more powerful DAM and PS is a much more powerful photo editor. But really the most important thing is this. Both LR and PS have almost infinite 'how to' help on the internet in terms of videos/tutorials/blogs. Any problems you run into transitioning from PSE can easily be sorted on the internet and you will soon find capability in these programs that isnt in PSE.
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    I have PSE* and find it to be a horrible program to use. I asked a PS user if PS was as bad, and they replied that PSE is the worst of simplicity and PS combined. I suspect that PS does have a long learning curve, but PSE's was not short or intuitive. If you are going to invest the time and have access to PS, I would strongly consider devoting your time and attention to it.

    Good luck,

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  11. yakky

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    Jul 1, 2013
    IMO Lightroom is the superior photo management tool, well worth learning. Photoshop is the superior editor.

    If all you do is minor adjustments and a touchup here and there,Lighrtoom is all you need. People who heavily edit photos need Photoshop.