Lightroom and Nik software: my first B & W

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Iconindustries, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Hey I got Lightroom and the Nik plugin software!! The Nik software is so unbelievable, bit more than my normal editor ' iphoto '. I know this is probably the wrong spot to put it because the thread is ' 20mm B&W ' because i took this with the 45-200mm. The focal length of 109 and f 4.8. The iso at 160.

    This is my first lightroom edited image converted to B&W in Silver effex.

    Let me know if it is good or bad. Is there a way to actually to leave colour in the stem of the seed flower and change the rest to black and white? I reckon that would change it considerably and draw the eye towards the centre of the image even more.

    Anyway too late, should be off. You can certainly spend a lot of time in LR:smile:

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    Niiiice one Brady!
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    Hi Brady

    iPhoto is great in so many ways, but Lightroom is a huge step up - and I love the plugin too.

    Yes, you can play with the image and be selective about colour and BW. It's not too complex either. I suggest a good LR book (authors such as Kelby and Evening have good ones), but in the meantime, play around on this blog - some great stuff:
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    I'm glad we all have different opinions. To me, #3 really grabs me the most. There is a good bit going on in the photo to keep me interested. The sailboats in the background..the tree in front, the sailboat on the right...
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