life after aperture - continued! My experience of moving.

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by manju69, Jul 24, 2015.

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    Hi all - I wanted to share my recent experience in case it helps others with the same issue. I started a thread a while back asking opinions about moving on from Aperture and am following that on with this thread. The background is that I used aperture for about 3 years and was aware that it was no longer being developed... so was looking at alternatives. I decided on lightroom because it was the most supported and used App out there as far as I can tell. I tired a trial and liked it. I wanted to move now so I could take time to learn whilst aperture still works! though I have not opened aperture since the move.

    So in brief:

    The first hurdle was changing from a managed library to a referenced one. (this depends on how you set up Aperture - mine was managed)

    You can import into lightroom directly from there but if you aperture library is managed, lightroom will take the internal folder format that aperture uses (sorted by day/month/year roughly) and puts then into similar folders in lightroom. You will probably end up with loads of date sorted folders - maybe hundreds! So after much research I found out that I could use a app called "exporter for aperture" which takes your aperture projects and mirrors them into referenced folders. All i needed to do was makes sure apertures folders etc were how I wanted them. An excellent app and worth the little i paid for it. Seamless. Once the export is done. One lightroom and get it to find the new folders.

    The only other hassle was how the export deals with aperture edits. You can choose to burn these into a separate file that imports also with the original - there are other options but I forgot right now! This was fine for me as I didn't have a huge library (3000 images and only a few hundred had edits. You can even rate the ones you want imported in aperture pre import - rather than import every edited image.

    The rest is just a steep learning curve - but so far I like lightroom. It has some nice features and plenty of resources out there. I am not a huge post processor and only shoot jpg so I don't know how all this would go with RAW users and those with massive libraries.

    Just sharing for anyone who may be interested - feel free to ask more.
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    Thanks for sharing. I am still struggling with a post Aperture software decision. I have a few more images to move - about 32000 at last count.

    I must admit I am really leaning toward capture one but I am still in the mode of Aperture ain't broke so don't fix it ;-).
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    I made the switch to Lightroom from Aperture several months ago. The only other serious consideration was Capture One but went with Lightroom due to the ease of plugin use with Lightroom. It took a few weeks to get the hang of Lightroom (again). When Aperture and Lightroom were released, I used both for some time comparing both but finally ended up with Aperture by the time v2 came out.

    Now that I've been on Lightroom full time for awhile, I actually like it a lot and couldn't be happier.
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    And if you went CC, try the DeHaze tool in the Effects section of the Develop Module. You will be glad you went CC instead of LR 6.
  5. tyrphoto

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    I use the standalone LR6 and for others that use the standalone LR6, you can download the Prolost Dehaze presets which are absolutely free.

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