Lets all name and shame lol

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    So I have had : gf1 and the 20mm sold for ep1 kept 20mm, perfect? No? Yes? maybe! But felt i needed a dslr for oof stuff :confused:then i went and sold those(and fast glass) , yes those : Nikon and a sony a300. So back to e-p1 and 20mm.
    Conclusion: My nokia N8(did i not mention the 6 months out with a pocket wonder) takes really good pics. obvious small sensor noise and lack of bokeh.
    So back to e-p1 and 20mm:smile: I dont use flash so up to iso 800 is very good.
    Is there a point? yup get out there and F**ing shooting. who cares about the camera just enjoy!:biggrin:
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