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    Feb 2, 2013
    I have in my odd lenses box a lens which came from a long departed cine camera which I am planning to test for macro use with a bellows system. It is Wollsenak Raptar 6.5mm f1.9 wide angle.

    Here is the problem it seems to have an odd thread mount. Measuring with calipers I get a fraction under 19mm (approx 18.84mm). A C mount is 25.4mm and a D Mount 15.88 so this lies somewhere in between. My guess is it is probably designed to fit into a 19mm or 3/4 female mount.

    Does anyone have any idea what this may have been originally designed to fit? I do not have tools to measure the tpi and cannot find a link which has comprehensive information on Wollsenak lenses. This lens was, at a guess, probably made sometime in the 1950s. It would be quite expensive to get someone to make a custom mount - so I hoping to find something to cannabalize!

    The Wollsenak is the right hand lens in the attached image.


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    From all I can find it should be a D-mount lens. It might be possible that your lens is missing an end piece as the pictures I found show one. Do you have a D-mount camera or adaptor? If so check to see if it will fit.

    In any case that lens will be problematic to adapt to m4/3 because it is so small. Even if it isn't a D-mount, it is very small and would have a short registration distance and wouldn't cover the sensor completely. It would vignette very baddly!