Lens data in LCD/Viewfinder display window

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    Dan Ferrall
    I read a review recently in which the author suggested that lens information is best displayed in the LCD or the viewfinder using a very particular methodology.

    Most of us like helpful information that is relevant to what we would like to know as we are working to capture an image. We are obviously considering elements of "composition." We are considering the technical elements of exposure. What is happening with white balance? What kind of shutter speed is appropriate in relationship to subject movement, lens focal length, our ability to hand hold our camera steady enough for a given combination of settings and so on. What is the current ISO? Do I want to use Vivid, Natural, Muted, and so on.

    The subject of my poll is this:
    If you would like to have something in your display giving you information about the focal length/FOV/Equivalent focal length, which piece of information would be your preference for this purpose?

    Some people are using more than one system. They may want something displayed that relates back to a frame of reference that they feel a connection to like "What does the M43 lens focal length translate to in the "FF" world? What does the M43 focal length translate to in the APS-C world?

    Some people may have never owned another interchangeable lens camera prior to buying an M43 camera. Other system lens focal lengths may mean very little to them.

    Some people may not want anything regarding lens focal length in their display other than the current F-Stop.

    Some people may want the exact focal length displayed that is the actual focal length of their Micro Four Thirds lens.

    What is your personal preference in this context?

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    I think there should be a graphic display that indicates where in a zoom lens' range the focal length is set. Oh, and it should change color when the limits of the zoom range are approached! Once the focal length range limit is reached, or the lens is focused as close, or as far as it can, the camera should start to beep...very loudly...
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    I'm in the "leave me alone!" camp. I'm looking through the viewfinder so I can already see the field of view. I wouldn't mind seeing the focal length during playback. I can check ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and white balance. Focal length is conspicuously missing.


    Edited to add, I mean actual focal length. I don't need to know the equivalent in one of the many formats I'm not using.
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    For me FL need not be displayed on the screen because I don't really care what FL I am using as long as I could frame the shot the way I want it.

    I actually like the info on the screen as it is right now.

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