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    Hi all,
    I was looking at Steve Huff's review of the new Panasonic 20mm and he stated that this lens is better then the Olympus 17mm if you shoot on a Panasonic body because the Olympus won't correct on a Panasonic body. Is this correct? I find it strange that lens correction does not work accross different brands of the same system. Is this a jpeg out of the camera only thing? I shoot only RAW and have been using either Lightroom 5 or DXO to process raw. I currently own one Panasonic lens and one Olympus for my Olympus body, and as far as I can tell, the software corrects both lenses equally well. Would really like some more information about this! Thanks,

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    The m4/3 standard includes in-camera correction of optical distortion. The lens passes the needed information to the camera. The camera makes the correction when making jpeg's and includes the info in raw files. Most commercial raw processing software will also make the corrections.

    Panasonic also includes correction of chromatic aberrations. This is not part of the m4/3 standard and as far as I know is only done with Panasonic lens and camera combos.

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    Thank you, that makes perfect sense! Still somewhat new to this system (but I'm loving it) and am trying to decide what lenses I will end up with and which new body to purchase. I'm glad I can mix and match.
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    If you use Lightroom (and maybe other packages), then CA correction is a 1 click fix in PP. You can even arrange for it to be done automatically during import. I wouldn't use CA correction as a determining factor in buying one or the other.
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    Thanks pdk42. Ca corrections don't really bother me. You are correct, easy to do in post. My main thought is I plan to by mostly olly primes and will probably choose the GX7 over the EP5. Just wanted to make sure I was not giving anything up by doing that.


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