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Aug 8, 2012
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I've several lenses that have large hoods which make it near impossible to leave the hood on and reach in to remove the center pinch lens caps. I realize most people just keep lenses in their camera bag with the hoods mounted in reverse on the lens and simply remove the lens cap and mount the hood right way around. I'm a little odd in that I like to change lenses in the field rather fast and a couple of lenses hoods will allow you to simply place a larger lens cap on the front of the lenses hood to assist in a speedy lens change. Example: the Olympus 17mm lens hood takes a 62mm lens cap and the Olympus 75mm lens hood takes a 67mm lens cap. All of the other lenses I have hoods that are so shallow that it's easy to reach inside the hood to remove the lens cap. There is one exception, my 40-150mm (Non R) Olympus zoom. It takes the Olympus LH-61D lens hood and I can't find a lens cap that will fit this hood. I'm hoping any of you out there may have this hood and could offer any advice as to the lens caps size that would fit this hood. I'm too cheap to buy a bunch of lens caps to try out so any opinions out there will be greatly appreciated.


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Oct 1, 2010
I'm too cheap to buy a bunch of lens caps to try out ...
Me, too. If you have a local camera store that has been in business for a while, they almost certainly have a back-room box full of lens caps that you can try. They will probably also have boxes of lens hoods for various makes if you want to look for a plain round one to replace a petal style.

Another thing you might try is to bush down larger diameter threads to use a smaller lens cap. A smaller cap will be easier to extract with the hood in place. My 100-300mm, for example, is bushed down from 67mm to 52mm and exhibits no vignetting even wide open at 100mm.

I have actually converted all of my lenses to 52mm so I only have one size of cap to deal with when changing lenses and one size for filters. The only one I had trouble with was the 14-140mm Mk. II. There I had to machine some thickness off the bushing to eliminate a slight vignette at 14mm/f3.5 and I cannot add a filter without vignetting at the wide end. But it does take my standard size lens cap.


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Jul 6, 2014

I have a few metal lens hoods all have straight sides and all take the same size pinch lens hood that fits the lens so it's definatly a doable option.

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