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Leica M lens?

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by CarlB, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. CarlB

    CarlB Mu-43 Veteran

    Suggestions welcome: something "Leica" (or a similarly great lens) to use now on an E-M5, and sometime down the road on an M8. So the mount needs to be correct for the M8, M9, etc.

    Strategy is to get the lens now, which I can enjoy now, and wait for M8 body prices to drop a bit further while I save up for it.

    Ideas? Looking for something that will perhaps help to get a bit of the "Leica feel" (if there is such a thing) into how I approach shooting.

    Thinking of something upwards of $1k. But as I get up there, I start thinking "what about the Oly 75mm 1.8?" Heh! Two different animals for sure, either would be really nice for different reasons.

  2. kchau

    kchau Mu-43 Regular

    Aug 2, 2012
    call me crazy when i say this.

    But it is almost infinitely better to buy m4/3 lenses now, and when you get scrounge up the money to buy a Leica, Sell the m4/3 lenses to buy M-mount lenses.

    If history has anything to say about that, I bought my Canon 50mm f1.4 Brand new for $300 2 years ago, and I sold it for the exact same amount, due to the new price being $340 now.

    You will enjoy your E-M5 much more with the lenses designed for it.

    If you really want the leica feel, buy a voigtlander.
  3. danska

    danska Mu-43 Top Veteran

    May 21, 2012
    Portland, OR
    My only comment on this is that Leica M glass has been going up steadily in price over the last few years. I don't necessarily feel like the lenses are justified on this system, although I'm really looking forward to using my brother in-law's M collection here shortly. However, if you can afford some of the Leica M glass beyond the entry level stuff, you can afford an M8/M9.
  4. CarlB

    CarlB Mu-43 Veteran

    Thanks, both.

    I *almost* can afford an M8 body. I figure they'll come down a bit further (they're now a range +/- of $2k). I figure the lens will hold value better, so to get into the system, get a lens sooner and enjoy that for now.

    Certainly couldn't afford a body and a lens both right now. :rolleyes:  But space it out, and save for both, that I can do.

    I try to think about aperture, shutter, ISO, depth of field, along with composition. Sometimes, my cameras get in the way of what I'd like to do with those. I gather the Leicas are superb to help think enjoyably in those terms. That's worth a lot to me.

    And if there's something a bit neat about a chunk of glass as used on one of those Leica bodies, I'm in for that.
  5. wildwildwes

    wildwildwes Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 9, 2012
    Brooklyn, NY
    Hi Carl,

    I second and third the comments already shared: buy the lenses that are designed for M 4/3. Several are easily the equal of the Leica glass you're considering. I own Leica M glass myself but rarely if ever bother to adapt them for use on my OM-D or PEN cameras.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!
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