Showcase Leica 14-150mm f3.5-5.6 D Vario-Elmar

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  1. You can take a great picture with the worst lens Nic. What else is new? :)
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    Jul 9, 2012
    This is one of the best superzooms ever made...
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  3. Thanks, Tomas. Although this certainly isn't the worst lens :smile:

    Seems like it to me so far. I think if you were buying it new back in the day it was worth about $1500 (thankfully I didn't pay anywhere near that much). I had a very good copy of the original Panasonic 14-140mm m4/3 superzoom but it still had some issues with excessive vignetting and some softening at longer focal lengths and just some general inconsistency in performance. The PanaLeica really does go a step above that lens and I think is more contrasty.
  4. The area where I felt both the Olympus 14-150mm and Panasonic 14-140mm Micro 4/3 superzooms started to fall apart was their edge performance in the region of ~50mm to maximum telephoto. The example below is from the PanaLeica 14-150mm at 74mm, f/5.6 (maximum lens aperture at this FL is f/5.3)

    Full image


    Near centre crop


    Top left corner crop


    Top right corner crop


    Bottom left crop


    Bottom right corner crop


    Note that the last two images weren't cropped exactly to the corner because the image starts to move away from the plane of focus there.
  5. 2 very cool shots!
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