Legacy lenses for video.


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Showing my cheapness here; I'm getting into video, and don't want to spend a ton on a variable ND. What are some good legacy lenses from 24mn-40mm, and 60mm-100mm?
I've got my eye on the minolta 35-70mm f3.5; I've heard it's good, and I already have a minolta 50mm f1.4 and adapter. Under $75 would be preferable, as I haven't decided whether I really want to do video much. Thanks


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The f4 version is superior to the 3.5 in almost all ways (this was the same design as the leica).

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I'm keeping my eye on this thread too.

It's always good to know which piece of legacy glass can be adapted for digital use - been looking for a good video lens myself.

Maybe I already have one in my possession! Fingers crossed for further recommendations. :thumbup: