COMPLETED Legacy: Canon 50mm F1.4 w/MFT Adp;Nikon Nikkor 50mm F1.4; Minolta MD 45mm F2 w/ Adp

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    Canon FD 50mm f1.4 " Chrome Nose " w/ Canon FD to M43 Adapter
    - Front Lens Cap
    - Rear MFT Cap

    No Oil on Blades, Lens Front/Rear are Clean as far as I can tell. Everything works as it should.
    * I am not an expert on these lenses so please refer to pics. Thank you

    REDUCED Price for Lens and Adapter: $88.00 Shipped CONUS; FIRM
    * PayPal Gift w/ Discreet Description or Add +3%

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    Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45mm f2 w/ Fotasy MD-M4/3 Adapter
    w/ Rear MFT Adapter Cap

    - I am not an expert on these lenses, but there is No Oil on the Aperture Blades and Everything Functions as it should.
    - Glass looks good/clean

    * Will comes with a Hoya UV 49mm Filter that was on it from day one. This was a lens that belonged to my father, and he was the original owner.

    REDUCED Price Lens/Adapter: $50.00 Shipped CONUS w/ PayPal Fees Included; Firm


    Nikon Nikkor-S 50mm F1.4
    * Lens Only

    - Body has minor wear [Please see pics]
    - Focuses Smooth
    - Glass is Clean Front/Back
    - Aperture Blades are Clean/Oil Free/Snappy
    - Has minor dust inside [Common for lens of this age]
    * No caps, but will be packed properly for shipping

    Price Lens Only: $80.00 Shipped CONUS w/ PayPal Fees Included; Firm

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