Learn Lightroom .. Book/versus/Video


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Mar 3, 2010
Having recently adopted Adobe Lightroom 3 as my defacto PP software, the problem arose in learning this complex software.

It really is worth learning its powerful and has very good support for cameras and lenses not to mention the many Template's out there and Photo community support in forums make LR worth learning.

Book or Video (Or learn by just banging away but using it {not recommended})

I did have a book but found it bloated and heavy going .... until 2 videos came my way

Chris Orwig (A Pro) Lyanda.com DVD $99
Photoshop Lightroom 3 Essential Training
A very enthusiastic Chris (A So CA guy) complete with Big canon DSLR with huge zoom lens is a very good presenter only his SoCA drawl needs your concentration to understand him at times.
Overall the basics are covered quite well...
From Setting up defaults to importation, the develop module (the most complex) is covered quite well,shortcuts to control panel display is very well presented, finally export and printing
Quite good all up.

Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe
Lightroom 3 Tutorial
download this from LL (you can download each video {there are 40}) or I d/loaded all in stream (Fast cable here) all are MOV file (Yikes Apple again) Windows has no problems with this file format rest assured
This video I liked (The Apple bias aside) the presenters were both very entertaining and charismatic Jeff was at times difficult to understand (drawl and diction) but only occasionally
All the Chris Orwig topics were covered in the LL Video's and more ... especially the Develop module (which is more sophisticated than PS) the LL Video's clearly show the sophistication of the develop module rather better than Orwig.
Here the power of the develop module became clear and the many different ways of doing things, with tips from personal experience.
All up recommended at the price better value than a book and more informative than the Orwig videos :2thumbs:

One thing with the LL videos while there are many ways to manipulate a RAW image and there are default ways on going about it Robert and Jeff had their own preferences and in the end it was the LOOK they wanted not a text book look to a RAW image.
Indeed with this same RAW image I would produce a different look and viewers may actually prefer my image result, meaning while tools are there only you decide what you want and LR can do this.

PM me if you have a specific question.


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
John, I've "learned" thanks to a combination of trial by ordeal...uh, I mean by error AKA by the seat of my pants, and from books - one by Scott Kelby (yes, I ignore his stupid jokes) and the other by Martin Evening...and mostly from my good friend Don AKA Streetshooter. The books helped me in some ways but really I know I should just go and use those videos on the Adobe site. For some reason, I just don't get there.

Don't want to hold myself up as any sort of know it all, because I'm not. But by using it, I've found that much of what I read in the how to parts of books don't really do it for me. Most of all, it's been just by trying out different methods. I also have found the Nik software plug-ins to be excellent.

Let's see what others have to say and I also know we have quite a few good threads here about tips and tricks and other things.:thumbup:


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Nov 8, 2010
BBW -- I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Kelby's jokes tiresome. I do think it's a good manual for getting right into LR though. However, I have a feeling there are more nuanced tutorials out there. I started out following Kelby's B&W workflow, but found it was limiting me from seeing/trying new things -- like NOT relying so heavily on the Clarity slider and 'strong contrast' setting. I'm liking my images better now that I have looked for my own way of doing things.

I want to get the LL videos but don't have anyway to play them yet while also in LR. I think Streetshooter mentioned something by the "Lightroom Queen" -- did I get that right? Anyone use that?



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Jan 19, 2010
SW France
I watched the video and think that it is good - both guys a quite likeable and the content was at the "right" level for me
I also bought Victoria Bamptons book, (she is the Lightroom Queen), as a pdf download - I must admit that I have just "skimmed" it and wish now that I had bought the paper copy as I am sure, that way, I would have read it more - I even bought a small pdf app for my ipod, but it is not much use as the image is too small, (maybe I need an ipad!!!).

What I find with most apps is that I only remember stuff that I use regularly, other functions that I seldom use, I forget the "how to" - and I need to go back and re watch/learn.

It's probably my age - so much of this internet stuff going around in my head, forums, passwords, log ins, applications, that I need a "refresh" every week or so......just to "keep up"

But Lightroom is a wonderful app, (for me), and (photographic) life would be a lot less (richer) without it.


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Feb 19, 2010
There are numerous podcasts and blogs on LR. Lightroom killer tips and Lightroom for Digital Photographers comes to mind.

Killer Tips can be read on line Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips or subscribed to

I download LR for Digital Photogs to iTunes. Both are free.

Adobe also had free resources on their own site. I've lost the link, though.

Here's another blog I have in my favorites list, though I admit I didn't even realize I had it! George Jardine on Adobe Lightroom and Digital Photography


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Read Later - a handy application

Here's something that is not photography related, per se, but nevertheless extremely helpful. It's called Read Later and it's an application that works with all sorts of browsers and computers and iPads, etc. You can "read it later" without even being online. Check out the site: Read It Later: Save Your One Read Wonders

John1027 clued me into it several months ago and I find it quite useful. I have it on my toolbar/bookmarks bar menu (I use Safari most of the time) and when I see a website I'd like to read or remember (besides filing it away under Photography or whatever other bookmark file it might go in.) I click "Read Later" and there it will reside, waiting for me to get back to it. So it's kind of a holding pen... Then after you read "it" you can decide whether you really want to keep it as a bookmark in the more appropriate spot.


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Dec 15, 2009
Phila, Pa USA
The thing about the Lightroom Queen is she answers all the questions that others don't ask. It's best to work LR and then in another space, have the PDF open. You can flip back & forth to learn as you go.
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