Landscape Astrophotography with Lumix LX100

Discussion in 'Astrophotography' started by GShooter, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I have bought a Lumix LX100 to use for Astrophotography as well as a general carry round camera. My main system is Canon DSLR , but we won't go into that discussion. My reasons for choosing the LX100 are a fast 1.7 lens and fairly good high ISO noise control up to 1600. I have had good results for static star shots using shutter speeds of 10-15 secs and ISO of 1600 with the lens wide open. I would now like to do some star trail shots using stacked images. I would probably need about 15 mins worth of shooting. The maximum time I can keep the shutter open is 120 secs. I had thought that I could use the Time lapse facility and have managed to set it up OK using short intervals as a test, but no matter how many exposures are made , when I review the images I see only one image which is listed as Image 1-5 etc. I have read the user manual and it makes no mention of a composite image being made in camera but I think this may be what is happening. Could somebody please advise me on this. Also would I need to insert a dark frame between each exposure? I realise that not many people on this forum are using the LX100 But I would think that the Panasonic Time Lapse facility is common to all Panasonic M 4/3 bodies.
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    WOW!! The response is staggering. I thought this might be a good place to ask for help. Obviously not.
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    not an LX100 owner or astrophotography shooter but I own a Panasonic G6. I used to shoot the interval shooting mode but not the time lapse mode, I suppose what you're looking for is actually the interval shooting mode?
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    Hello jyc860923. Thanks for answering. I have just checked out the G6 user manual online and see that it has Time Lapse facility. I think that Interval shooting and Time Lapse are the same thing. I have managed to find out that what I am seeing is a stacked image and not a composite. All the exposures are there when I load them into Photoshop. Would have still have liked some input about my other question though.

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