La Rochelle, France

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  1. We just returned from a 2-week stay in the center of France (roughly between Brive and Cahors, about 15 min drive from Rocamadour), our yearly retreat. We have the habit of driving to another region of France for a 3-4 day visit in order to "break" the holiday period. This year we drove to La Rochelle, a town situated about an hours drive north of Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast of France.
    La Rochelle has, as most towns in France, a well-preserved historic center dating from the MiddleAges and later. This historic center is based around the old port, now in used mainly for yachts and small fishing vessels. The wharfs are surrounded by countless restaurants, mainly serving fish. From 2000 hrs this port and surroundings is a pedestrian-only district, which makes for a lively and crowded atmosphere.
    Some pictures to illustrate this beautiful town.


    The "Grosse cloche" or "large bell tower", the only remaining original entrance to the old town.


    Two medieval towers that surround the (narrow) entrance to the old port. In the background a third tower, once used as prison.


    A lighthouse, placed behind the old port, quite some distance away from the sea.



    A view from one of the many streets leading to the old port; in the distance the old prison tower.


    St Sauveur church, now used for exhibitions and music.


    Some locals, discussing politics, the weather, ...

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    A specialty of La Rochelle: covered walkways everywhere in the old city!

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    Glass-stained windows in St Barthelemy church.


    Maison Venette with its gargoyles and busts of renowned medieval doctors (Avicenna, Galen, Hippocrates,...)
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