Konica 50mm F1.4 Hexanon AR?


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I hear a lot about the quality of the Konica 50mm f/1.7 Hexanon AR, I have seen a few Hexanon 50mm f1.4's on eBay priced pretty low. Is anyone currently shooting with this lens that could comment on it's quality, especially wide open?


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I don't know about the f1.4, but the 1.7 is a bit sharper than the OM 1.8 to my old eyes. It's bigger, heavier and a bit too long for outside carry around. I really like it for inside low light. Wide open it's nice for natural light, slightly soft.


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I am using the 50/1.4 alongside its 40/1.8 sibling.
It is quite big and has narrow DOF as a walkaround lens, but I like it for portrait use.
IQ is good and I am happy I got it (about €40 is a fair price).

Some pics with this lens (the lens is good, I am still learning to use it) - click to enlarge