Konica 50mm f1.4 AE

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Layer-cake, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Layer-cake

    Layer-cake Mu-43 Rookie

    :confused:  I decided to clean the focus ring on my beautiful Konica lens and seem to have gotten myself I to a bit of a situation.... the lens used to focus at infinity slightly before the infinity mark and since the cleaning it seems to focus perfectly at infinity. its still sharp as hell but i'm paranoid that I'm not getting proper infinity focus on it anymore!!

    why would the cleaning affect the infinity focus point, I did a good job with positioning of the helixes when re assembling the lens so its not that, if it were it would be rather blatant as the markings wouldn't match up correctly even if it was out by one notch.

    its my favourite lens out of my collection and I wanted it to be a bit easier to use as I found the amount of dampening a bit on the heavy side. On a positive note the focus is smooth as butter now, not as good as a super takumar but hugely improved.
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