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    Three from this Komura Sankyo Kohko 400mm f/6.3 with a non-standard LTM reflex mount I've adapted with the help of some random extension tubes. Experiment shows this lens' register distance is around 82mm. It's not a standard Leica visoflex I distance at all.

    Getting this very long lens (800mm effective focal length) working on m4/3 has been a multi-month start-and-stop learning experience in the some obscure legacy systems. And the results aren't as good as I would have liked [yet], especially given the effort I put in. Live and learn :smile:.


    Hummingbird on branch, uncropped



    Surfer in wave.



    Center crop from 1st photo, unsized.


    This crop shows a disappointing lack of sharpness and color fringes. Some is my lack of focusing and post-processing technique, some is the bird's incessant movement, and most really is this lens.

    The red (front of focus)/cyan (back of focus) shows up around any out-of-focus bright/dark edge for any f-stop you'd want to use on m4/3 (f/6.3 - f/11). Past f/11 the diffraction blurs things even more, and I consider this lens unusable in that range.
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