Showcase Kodak Ciné Ektar 25mm f/1.4

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    Kodak Ciné Ektar 25mm f/1.4
    f/1.4 - f/22, 1 3/8" x 1 1/8" diameter (35mm x 30mm dia)

    This diminutive lens has become my favorite lens of all. Both native and adapted. Wide open it is quite soft. In this range the lens creates wonderfully sublime, dreamy environments. With large apertures the slightest vignetting occurs in the corners. Stopped down, the lens becomes quite sharp as vignetting becomes more pronounced. I recognize these optical attributes and accept to them, not as limitations. Instead they enrich my anesthetic sensitivities and add creativite possibles to my compositions.

    Adapted to my aesthetics, I generally shoot between f/2.8- f/8.

    I am quite enamored with the lens. Recently I misplaced it and was certain It was lost. I literally was devastated. Then I found it and I was complete again.


    Along Esopus Creek by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
    Ornaments by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
    Citibike by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
    A bird in the hand by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
    Omnivor by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
    McCords Candies by Chrome Dome, on Flickr
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    Damiano Visocnik
    it was mainly this thread that got me interested in old Kodak cine lenses, had a look around and found the Ektar 25mm f1.9 (slightly different body and of course not as bright at f1.9)
    My results are similar in nature to yours (sharp centre, soft/swirly edges) and indeed now understand why she has become your favorite :)
    My girlfriend liked it too and being a softy at heart :rolleyes: I let her go (the lens, not the girlfriend)
    Of course I did sourced a second one, just the same (lens I mean ;))
    Mine is an M-mount with no thread and two prongs on the side: I just glued it into a C-mount adapter
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    I love your wit! Wow! I now know what with my M-mounts. Not sure how many25mmEktars one can use. Are you aware of CAMEROSITY.