Kid Christmas Concert + New Camera + 3 Lenses = .....

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    A few pics to get you in the Merry Christmas Mode.

    This is a wordy post as I thought I throw in some text about the shooting-with-a-new-camera experience. Feel free to skip the words and just go.. "awwww .. they're so cute..."

    Got a new EPL5. I could tell from around the house that it would do a lot better than the EPL1 but wasn't sure by how much. I had with me - the Oly 45mm, manual Pentax SMC M85mm/F2 and Panny 20mm. Shooting JPGs only

    First off -- gotta say I like the tilt-screen. Since I was in the front row I could have the camera on my knee with the screen up towards me.. and the image framed how I want. Then .. for a given "set piece" where the kids were not moving much ..I didn't even have to look down .. could enjoy the show and snap a picture knowing that the camera was stabilized and pointing in the right direction.

    First up - 45mm. Quickly found out that the metering was having problem with the dark background and uneven lighting on the kids. The exposure-compensation got a real workout .. more than I expected. I was fighting trying to keep some semblance of balance between blown-out highlights and vast areas of shadows. Started using the mode with highlight/shadow blinkies, but the vast-blue background on the LCD was distracting, so turned that off. That meant I was just guessing about exposure on a LCD-screen that I was unfamiliar with.

    Following 2 pics are before/after a little bit of LR work. Very impressed in how much range there was in a JPEG that allowed useful modifications to the image.

    <a href="">" height="600" width="800" /></a>

    <a href="">[ATTACH=full]247317[/ATTACH]"600" width="800" /></a>

    Next up - a couple of pics from the Pentax. Woohoo .. I can stop the lens down a bit so I have a hope of getting focus and shoot 3200 and still get something useable. This was a double-workout .. between hitting the little magnify button to check focus, and then back-out to change exposure-comp... I was pushing a lot of buttons

    <a href="">[ATTACH=full]247318[/ATTACH]"600" width="800" /></a>

    <a href="">[ATTACH=full]247319[/ATTACH]"600" width="800" /></a>

    Finally - just a (cropped) shot of the populated stage near the end (boring pic .. included just to show something from each lens). The 20mm had a hard time getting focus .. but, hey, glad to know there is still some role for the human .. at least as a focus-helper.

    <a href="">[ATTACH=full]247320[/ATTACH]"349" width="800" /></a>

    All-in-all ... very happy with the performance of the camera .. although the photographer has to learn about "mysets" so I can customize a bit better what I want to do with the Pentax. The switching between magnify and exposure_comp was too fiddly.

    And, despite the Pentax being soft, lowish-contrast - I still like it for what it cost, but man ... I sure wouldn't mind the Oly 75mm

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    Apr 8, 2012
    Lucille Sanchez
    excellent, thanks for sharing...
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    Nice job - stage lighting can be tough. You got pretty good balance. :cool: