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Just received E-PL1 -- misc. E-PL1 stuff

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by naturecloseups, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. naturecloseups

    naturecloseups Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 10, 2010
    Now charging the battery and reading the manual. It's almost 11:00PM here and am too tired to play...

    Not sure what to say about the build quality.. "borderline solid" -- in a way. Anyway -- I think I will get used to it. In any case I ordered it as a simple digital back for my macro lenses that would be capable of producing some high-quality exposures -- and it qualifies on that criteria very well. If it lasts me two years I'm happy.

    One thing though -- what's that loud noise everytime I trip the shutter? Can that not be turned off? Geez, I had just started rejoicing that I am finally liberated from mirror slap?

    I'm planning to get the Kirk PZ-130 arca-style body plate -- am curious if anyone around here uses it?
  2. BBW

    BBW Super Moderator Emeritus

    Hmm, I guess the sound reminds me of my old OM-1 a bit so it makes me smile.

    My first impression visually of the E-PL1 - having come from the E-P2 - was that I didn't love the way it looked, but as in most relationships looks soon pale in comparison to experiences day in and day out. I hope you'll find the same holds true for you, if not I'm sure you'll be able to find a happy buyer.

    You might want to start a new thread in the Accessories forum regarding the body plate where more eyes will see it.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you, naturecloseups and seeing some shots, too.
  3. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 19, 2010
    I just put the Kirk plate on mine (which I just got on friday!). Like the GF1, it fits perfectly (there are 3 slots build into the plate so that it doesn't affect use of the battery/card door).

    edit: On the subject of 'mirror slap' it is only the shutter in the case of m4/3, but is something that will be around for at least a few years (from what I understand at least Panasonic is working on it). Given your stated 2 years of expected usage, that will likely be good timing!
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  4. peroni

    peroni New to Mu-43

    Jun 17, 2010
    I had the same feelings after using the e-pl1, loud shutter noise and unimpressed by build quality.
    However everything works quite well and the thing I'm enjoying the most coming from an e-330 is the weak anti-aliasing filter.
    I took some close up of my kids and their eyelashes were as sharp as I never seen them before.
    Jpeg is great but I tend to shoot raw+jpeg anyway.
    The camera seem to have an underpowered CPU so anything that requires processing takes time even with a super fast SD card (class 10).
  5. Muggie

    Muggie Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 11, 2010
    I am green... I had hoped to be charging batteries this afternoon so I too could play this evening but the universe is conspiring :wink: hope to have things to comment on tomorrow evening... :biggrin:
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  6. naturecloseups

    naturecloseups Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 10, 2010
    Thanks for the responses everyone. I just ordered the Kirk PZ-130, thanks pxpaulx for the input.

    Woke up this morning and held it in my hand -- it didn't feel as plasticky as it did last night. I think it's actually the bundled lens that's kind of.. um.. "too light". The rest of the camera feels (just) OK.

    I also ordered an RJ Camera Nikon F --> m4/3 adapter. The Nikon 602.8 AFD Micro and Tokina 90/2.5 ATX Macro are the ones I'm going to try first. I already have the Canon FD --> m4/3 adapter attached to my 200/4 FD Macro, using that lens should be fun because of the tripod collar.

    Can't wait for the weekend! BBW, I'll definitely keep you all posted!
  7. naturecloseups

    naturecloseups Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 10, 2010
    Quick question re legacy lenses on E-PL1

    It is as easy as attaching the lens via adapter and strating to shoot -- is that correct? I mean -- my friend's G1 has a setting "Shoot w/o lens" that must be enabled first, but there's no such setting on the PENs right?
  8. Alf

    Alf Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    I just put my E-PL1 on A and start shooting.
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