Just got a EM1-X

Feb 28, 2019
Inverness, Scotland
Had the EM1 Mark ii before, so not really new to the Olympus MFT arena. I have also just joined this site, so Hello !!

I have used Canon DSLR for sport for a long time and used the EM1 Mark ii for some before, but not truly in anger. I bought (well traded in EM1 Mark ii and Canon 7D2 for it) the EM1-X for Sport and to a lesser degree wildlife. I had it out on trial in the spring so knew what I was getting. I am going to shot rugby tomorrow which is my preferred sport for watching, photographing and now,- not playing, but coaching. I was looking for some advice on the settings for the EM1-X.

Previously on the 7D2, I used

Shutter speed priority at 1/1000 sec
ISO on Auto
AF Servo
Single center point focus

To achieve the same on the EM1-X I was planning to use
Shutter speed priority at 1/1000 sec
ISO on Auto
Single center point focus

On the Canon, I used AF Case 4 which is for subjects that accelerate/decelerate quickly. This sets Tracking as 0, Accel/decl tracking at -2 and AF pt auto at -2 (I use single point so no need)
Is there similar settings on the EM1-X?

Anybody done rugby shoots and can help out?

All going well, I will post some images.


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May 14, 2019
Marysville, WA
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Bill Dewey
Welcome! I am relatively new hear, switched from Nikon to M1X in June of this year. As you, I set my M1X up much like I had for my Nikons. If I were you there are 2 things I would do. The first is a Google search for the M1X and Sports Photography. There are a couple of very good Sports Photographers using these cameras, I'm sure you could pick up tips from them. I have done this for the type of shooting I do, I also think you will find some very good people here using the cameras as you do also.

The other thing that comes to mind is to take a close look at the way you can set up AF patterns. A Vertical pattern would seem to me a good starting place also, perhaps in conjunction with Face Detection, which I find to work much better on these cameras than it did on my Nikons.

Good luck, looking forward to seeing some mud and dirt, perhaps even a grimace or two :laugh:


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Jul 16, 2017
I do not feel entitled to give advices, but as I am shooting sport with EM1x, I can give you some ideas :)

If you want to set EM1x for quickly acce- and decelerating subject, there is only one setting - CAF Sensitivity and it should be set to +2.

This means, that the camera (when AF is on) refocuses immediatelly if a subject in a different distance appears in the focus area. With CAF Sens -2 it may be over a second before it refocuses.

Focus aquisition = when you press the AF button, is not influenced by Sensitivity. It is quick no matter what it is set to.

About focus groups - my opinion is evolving and I feel it may be very individual.
For shooting people (by camera :) ), I start to use one or five point max. and I train my ability to keep AF point on the head.

I recommend to set the Lever to change AF settings and to use Custom modes to save the most used settings. One or two C settings I have set to buttons, to be able to recall them quicker.

One interesting feature is to set custom grid for AF point/group which can make moving them much quicker.

You may prefer to switch the EVF permanently ON or to switch it on by button - if automatic switching does not function for you.

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