Just booked tickets from 2014 Wimbledon - Now help me get my lenses in order!

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by tolesy, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Today ranks in my top 10 best days EVER as I just received conformation that will be on Centre Court for two days during round 1 and 2 of the 2014 tournament at the All England Club! I am going to start saving in preparation for a new lens or two prior to departure for the trip. I am currently shooting with an E-P3 that I cannot seem to let go of (hopefully the new OMD will strike my fancy and budget)! I currently own three lenses, 9-18, 14-150, & 60. As you can tell, I tend to be more of a zoom guy for the versatility. I do not do much, if any, post processing and tend to be very happy with the out of camera JPEGs. So....

    How will my current E-P3 and lens trio hold up in this venture?
    Sports guys, which lenses are you shooting with?
    Recommendations for next lens/gear purchase?

    Hopefully someone will chime in that has some experience shooting tennis!

    Thanks in advance!
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    As it appears that they do allow cameras according to a quick search (I was not quite sure), I would recommend something long and fast like the 35-100 from Panasonic to compliment your current lens set-up.


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    I am not sure when you are leaving, but if you want to splurge, I would start to watch for deep discounts on a 16MP body (with an EVF if you like to use one and do not already have one). The 12MP sensor is a good sensor, but I found the jump to the 16MP to be worth the cost. I know that Henry's in Canada has the E-M5 at $679 right now, so I would imagine that we may be seeing more discounts on some 16MP bodies over the next few months. Regardless, bring extra batteries and lots of memory! And practice before your trip!

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    See if you can hire whatever you want. Pick them up when you arrive.

    Means you could probably have an EM-1 with a few top quality lenses for a fraction of the price. Temporarily, of course.

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    ??? How do you know already that you will be at centre court then? The ballot doesn't start until end of march/beginning april 2014...Or do you have a lifetime (£25K/annum) membership?

    Regarding lenses it all depends....

    I was too way too short last year as you can see....

    If you know where your seats will be I can give better advice...
  6. nickthetasmaniac

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    Miles may vary as we don't know your budget, but here goes some possibilities...

    - A body with an EVF, or an external EVF for the EP3 - trying to frame and compose, while following play, will be a challenge on the rear screen (especially in summer sunshine). Likewise, shooting sports with a telephoto while holding your camera at arms length isn't ideal. EM5 an obvious possibility, as are the Gx bodies from Panasonic.

    - Upgrade to a 16mp body - the 16mp sensors in both the Olympus and Panasonic bodies are worlds better than the 12mp one in your EP3. They've been around for a while now too, so there's some good discounts available.

    - Get one of the 300mm zooms - your 40-150mm will probably cover most scenarios, but a 300mm would be nice at times. As the matches will (probably) be during the day, I wouldn't bother splurging on one of the f2.8 zooms.

    - Take your 9-18mm - not everything has to be zoomed in on the players. Ultra-wide perspectives of Centre Court will be pretty interesting too.