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Sep 3, 2018
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I've been wanting a shoulder strap for some time. The market is baffling, there are straps from $10-$hundreds and as many varied features. I knew there were things I did and didn't want. Nylon quick release snap together buckle are prone to failure. I know most bags have them but at least if one breaks the camera is in the bag. My list was:

Metal clips/buckles preferred
Safety tether, a must if the clips are nylon
Can hold camera snug to body when walking, kind of like a harness
Needs to be able to comfortably carry a G9 with large lenses, like the PL teles
Carries the camera Lens down

After many excellent suggestions from members, I ended up with the Joby Ultrafit. While it does have nylon buckles there are no quick-connects. Also, there are no tag (loose) ends to slide out of buckles. All ends are captured by being sewn to a buckle or ring, so even if something were to loosen all the way it won't come undone.

It didn't come with a safety tether, but that was easily added. This was critical since several Amazon reviews say that the strap screw loosens itself and the camera will crash to the ground. So far it hasn't loosened even a smidge. I think I'll chalk that up to Amazon user error for the moment, but will report back should that change.

The strap comes in two lengths, one for shorter folks and one for taller. I'm 5'-10" and purchased the long version. The overall length adjustment is on the back of the strap. You use this to set your preferred length for normal walking and letting the camera hang.

An interesting feature is the ability to adjust the strap for hiking or faster walking. On the front there's a nylon ring. If you pull up on the loop and down on the camera the strap will shorten and snug the camera to the small of your back or wherever you want it. This keeps the camera from excessively bouncing around. If you look at the top photo, you can see a thumb latch in between the folds of the strap. Snap it down and it will lock the strap in place.

To return the strap to its set length, just reach back and flip the latch up. The strap will return to its previous length as you bring the camera up to shoot. This is way more intuitive than it sounds and I had it sussed after a few tries. What's interesting is that this happens within the length you set for the strap. In other words, it doesn't change your preferred length for normal use.

After using this for a few days now I am very satisfied with the whole setup. It's also very thin and light and can easily be folded over on itself so it can stay on the camera, even in my smallest photo-walk bag.

As of this writing the strap is on sale at Amazon for $25, but it seems easily worth the regular $30 price.


By installing the safety tether as shown in the photos, the quick-link can't mar the camera. It does want to get in the way of the flip buckle but again nothing you can't overcome with a little practice. I just slide it out of the way as I flip the latch. $6 worth of insurance.


48547110362_7478424dbf_b.jpgstrap_0001 by telecast, on Flickr

48546956146_b0ffe08c0b_b.jpgstrap_0002 by telecast, on Flickr
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