Jay Kinghorn's Blog: Shooting in Low Light with the PEN E-P3

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by acmatos, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Thanks for the link.

    I find that something is wrong with the first comment by a blog reader:

    "I’m using a 26mm f1.4, so I set my EP2 (not EP3) to 55mm vs 50mm because 55mm is longer and it will compensate for shaking a bit better."

    I think he should set the FL to 25mm instead of using the 2x crop factor, correct me if I'm wrong. :smile:
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    They are right: always use the actual focal length of the lens. Think about 'crop' as literally looking at only the center of the frame or picture: it moves no more or less than the whole frame, right? So stabilizing is the same for that portion as for the 'whole'.

    For the same reason Jay specifies the rule: shutter = 1/FL (not 1/(2 x FL). The latter is 'safer', but not the original rule of thumb. Crop factor should have not effect on the camera shake at given shutter speeds AFAIK.
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    Yeah, he's got the focal length for the ibis wrong.

    Assuming that the 1/FL was devised for standard 35mm film (correct, I think), you should use the equivalent focal length on a m4/3 cam i.e. 2x FL. Of course, being a rule of thumb it is theoretical anyway. Not everyone will be able to hold a camera as steady as the next.