I've got about a grand...


Who needs a Mirror!
to spend on some accessories for the 'ol camera bag or gear list. I just sold my beloved 7-14 (in anticipation of the pro 7-14), but I'm not sure I can let the cash sit untouched that long :smile:

Items I've been thinking about:
RSS camera plate
Camera strap/sling.
Used UWA lens 7.5, 9-18, something that will hold it's value, and will not compete with the pro 7-14 when it comes out.
Used 75-300
Plugins for LR
faster SD card...currently using 16gb extreme pro 45mb/s

What am I forgetting?


Mu-43 All-Pro
1) Definitely get the Nik software suite if you dont already have it. Or at least try the 30 day trial
2) 60 2.8 macro