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    Last visit in NYC end of October i took several photos, NYC cliches. I have visited in NYC several times (my fav city in the world) and this time i decided that i will took all the cliche photos that i have never been photographed before, such as Brooklyn Bridge/Manhattan view, Dumbo, view from Top Of The Rock. And you know what, I'm happy that i took these, even though these are photographed million and again million times, i love these views of New York every time ;)

    So, here they are:

    22252786211_cd7a59d352_c.jpg P1400666 by M S, on Flickr

    22067454376_ba66f45c2f_c.jpg P1400746 by M S, on Flickr

    21905458910_c80644b01b_c.jpg P1400735 by M S, on Flickr

    21905457410_e6bb5847f1_c.jpg P1400753 by M S, on Flickr

    22067118616_3cb6245eb5_c.jpg Manhattan from Brooklyn side by M S, on Flickr

    22093292585_fb97dd8200_c.jpg P1410224 by M S, on Flickr

    21905155020_04ab6ef4d7_c.jpg P1410136-PanoNYC by M S, on Flickr
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