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  1. The little submersible HD+ wifi YoCam arrived this afternoon. It will be interesting to give this a run-through to explore what it can do, and how easily it does them. Here's the scale of it, next to an ePL5.. shot with my crappy phone :p

    Thus far I've hooked it to my phone and updated some firmware, and shot a very short video and photo. More from the makers at
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    Interesting. I hadn't heard about this camera before. I've been looking around for a small action camera that I could also use as a dash cam on my bicycle (or even in a rental car). I'd like to hear how it works for you, and especially how well the "Mosteady™ Stabilization" and "High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging" perform, and if it really does offer 2 hours battery life as claimed. Also, do you know if it does loop recording (I couldn't find anything on the website about this)?

    Edit: A quick bit of Googling turned up this review that answers my last question, saying that YoCam includes "continuous capture and a looping video option."
  3. Yes I think it has 5 and 10 minute loop options. It can do 720, fHD and 2.7k video. It's a wide f2 lens so (no surprise) some high CA in bright tests.