It's day 4 and my EM1 II has not stopped working - my view of the market...


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Mar 31, 2015
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What are the phases you go through when she walks out, announcing she is leaving? Surprise, shock, trying to understand, anger, adapt, a new tomorrow...?

Some are better than others separating or compartmentalizing. Fact is, the greatness of Olympus products did NOT stop and those buying a new EM1 III, EM1X, or any other piece of Olympus gear will have as much value and joy as the photographer who bought last year or one month ago...

You know those corporate events when the CEO walks out with another corporate program and presenting himself positively, excited, and all in for the new program...? Looking at your colleagues you know we will meet again in one year... Think of this YouTuber as the CEO looking excited... (Social media marketing dollars being spent?) Who do you think are splashing big marketing dollars discrediting the M43 format, who's marketing dollars do you think this YouTuber is taking...? Listen carefully to what he says (promotes)...

Consider this:-
  • A lot has been said in the past few days and posters did great research and info gathering.
  • The social media marketing battle not done - expect to see the final "kill" phase to kick off.
  • We experiencing the worst market conditions - post virus and a steep decline in camera sales.
  • This calls for drastic steps and a unique ability to adapt to radically-changing market conditions.
  • Read Olympus announcements again - carefully read what Olympus said & what they plan
Lets briefly review the suppliers:-

- Olympus (extremely well established in the mirrorless segment)
  • Known product strategy, it's clear & products well-positioned - OMD MKIII (X), EPL10
  • Controlled R&D cost, not splashing on new sensors, up profitability, gearing for future.
  • Software features increase, application-specific, targetting applications, clever marketing.
  • Olympus has been through a complete market re-aligning exercise - see my report

- Fujifilm (Very well established in the mirrorless segment)
  • Fuji is doing a great job, focussed, clear product path, we know what we can expect.
  • Fuji has a comprehensive mirrorless lens offer
  • IBIS is weak - maybe need another 2 to 3 years to develop... (or use Olympus tech?)
  • The concern current range has high R&D costs and lower product margins...

- Canon & Nikon (let's be honest, these manufacturers are weak in the mirrorless segment...)
  • Canon M range is not strong - serious photographer do not buy - weak lens offer
  • No clear product path - it's very difficult to guess what we will see next...
  • FF cameras below $1000 - what can you build for $1000 - an (M) type camera?
  • R5, R6, R9 - what is it & when - 8K, 20MP, 40MP, with all possible functions - what is it?
  • Is wildly dropping prices or packing cameras with features a clear product path/strategy?
  • Z6 & Z7 with 1 mem card - product path? - what to expect to see in the future Z5???
  • Z50 - looks great, NO lens offer - future?? - compete with Fuji, Sony, M43 - not good?
  • Both have NO existing mirrorless lens offer - huge, expensive - unclear future path??
  • One cannot help to ask - did these two manufacturers noticed the market is changing?
  • They misread the mirrorless market change in 2008 & still seem to have no clear strategy
  • Personally I will select a Sony or Fuji if I had to invest in a new system...

Sony (Extremely well established in the mirrorless segment - both FF and crop sensor)
  • Sony A series FF is established - we know exactly what to expect from these cameras
  • Sony A series of Crop sensor range - clear offer, clear history - know what we can expect
  • Strong, comprehensive and established mirrorless lens offer - we know what to expect
  • The clear leader on sensor technology, AF performance, strong on video (A7S range)
  • Already into 2nd generation IBIS - the clear FF leader...
  • I have NO issue investing in this system...

Panasonic (Extremely well positioned for the mirrorless segment)
  • Either way - if Olympus stop building cameras or if they continue - Panasonic well positioned
  • Very strong product range & recognition - positioning - it's clear what one can expect
  • Very strong mirrorless lens offer - IBIS is very strong (G9) - Panasonic is winning
  • Panasonic FF offer is well structured with a clear product path and what we can expect...
  • I have absolutely NO issue investing my money buying Panasonic products...

Leica (Very strong in the mirrorless segment - this is one to follow...)
  • Clear product strategy, we know what we can expect, a great offer
  • Leica is doing a great job and worth studying (case study)
  • If I could afford them, that is what I would buy next...

Folks the marketing battle is on. The battlefield is social media... We have seen years of battle knocking the M43 format, fast-changing markets, an unexpected global virus. Expect to see much more happening. Did Olympus recognize the seriousness of the situation by taking extreme steps?

Have fun

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