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    Just wanted to show some different grips I have. I think it's a good concept with not too big body and then add a grip when you want it. Rather than always carry around a large body :)

    Four grips
    by Daniel Cederberg, on Flickr

    Panasonic GX80 with JB Camera Designs Grip. The original grip is ok, but with larger lenses the handling gets better with a beefier grip like this.

    Olympus E-M5 with iShoot grip. The original grip is not so good, this might be overkill but it is a fantastic grip besides the weight.

    Panasonic GM1 with Nikon DSLR rubber grip. The original grip is not too good, this piece from D200 I think (?) makes it much better. Should be stock.

    Olympus XZ-1 with Flipbac G2. The original grip is not ok I think. Had tried some various here, I ordered some different for this and the GM1 and ended with this one. Makes it very good.

    (shot with my G7XII which have great original grip I think)
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    Andrew Lossing
    Agreed! I've got the Panasonic grip for the GM5 and am planning on adding the JB grip for the GX85. When I had the EM10 I used the Olympus grip for that. They're not necessary all the time but the flexibility is great.