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Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Dean Holland, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Dean Holland

    Dean Holland New to Mu-43

    Nov 27, 2015
    Good evening. I'm a relative newbe to advanced settings on my em1 so please excuse my question if it's a bit daft. In custom menu E, I was trying to set an upper ISO limit in ISO auto set and I noticed it wouldn't go above 3200 with the higher numbers all greyed out. Could anyone tell me why ? Thanks in advance.
  2. barry13

    barry13 Super Moderator; Photon Wrangler Subscribing Member

    Mar 7, 2014
    Southern California
    Hi, do you have the standard shutter set, or the silent/electronic shutter (in firmware 4.0)?
  3. Halaking

    Halaking Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Dec 17, 2012
    Los Angeles
    electronic shutter only up to ISO 3200 and no flash.
  4. Aushiker

    Aushiker Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Sep 12, 2014
    Fremantle, Western Australia
    I have silent shutter set and I am getting the 3200 max limit but if I take off the silent shutter I get the full range.

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  5. Dean Holland

    Dean Holland New to Mu-43

    Nov 27, 2015
    Many thanks everyone; that was why. Silent shutter in 4.0. Standard shutter and I'm getting full range now.
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