Is this SD card shot?

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  1. I put the card back in the camera last night and the LCD message says WRITE PROTECT. The gray slider part is missing. Do I just get a new one? I thought these cards were pretty sturdy.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Contact Sandisk. Their Extreme Pro SD cards have a limited lifetime warranty in most parts of the world (30 years in Germany and 3 years is certain countries that don't recognize "limited" warranties). Check out:

    Alternately: the missing part does nothing to the card itself. A sensor in the card reader (computer or camera) detects its position in much the same manner as with the write protect notches on the antique floppy disks. If exercising the warranty is no of interest or not possible/practical, you could fill in the front half of the opening with any opaque material (epoxy, ...) to replicate the position of the missing slider. Personally, I've never had problems like this with SD cards themselves, but I have had issues with the microSD>SD adapters that I regularily use in my Pany G-1 and have very carefully glued their write protect sliders in the write position.
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    If Sandisk doesn't repair it under warranty, you can use scotch tape to cover the gap. I've had an Adata card like that and the tape has worked for years.
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    I hate to spend others money, but even if Sansdisk won't replace it, I'd drop it in the trash. It's not worth loosing a shot later, or worse.
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  5. Thank you guys for the informative replies. Bassman, I have 2 cards and was ready to order another one, but I followed dhazeghi's suggestion and put a small Scotch-tape over the area and it works now.

    dwig - your link is appreciated and will make a call on Monday to see what the company has to say. Since the card is working now, even if they can't help, it is ok. I don't have to have a new card as long as this one continues to work.

    Thank you all again.
  6. Just an update - Sandisk is replacing the card. They asked for a front and back picture, when and where it was purchased from and provided a shipping label to return the card to them.

    Great customer service.
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    thanks for the update - it's good to get a balancing view occasionally!
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    I just switched to Sandisk after buying Lexar products since digital cameras came onto the market ( five shooters = lots of cards purchased). Last month was the first time I ever had a Lexar card to fail. Lexar's customer service "attitude" cost them a long time customer!!!!!!

    Yes, sour grapes but I do not suffer silently. This is what makes the market go round.
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  9. Tinderbox (UK)

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    I only buy Samsung flash memory cards as they are super strong and xray and water proof and they say they can survive running a car over them. :eek:

    They are not the fastest cards though, but class 10 is fine for me.

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  10. The replacement should be here this week.
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    I am just curious; where did you buy it. There are lots of fake San Disc memory cards out on the market. It could have been one of those.
  12. Thank you for asking. As a matter of fact, the replacement arrived from San Disc last week. Purchased it from an ebay seller. Wasn't fake.