Is there any way to filter 7-14?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by Squidz, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I'm having a mental dilemma with choosing a wide angle. From what I can tell there are 4 possibilities for native mount; 7-14, 9-18, 12, 14.

    I really want the 7-14 and the only hang up I have is filtering. I'd love to have this lens and put a Big Stopper on it (6.0 ND) particular for smoothing water. I'd go with the 9-18 but then feel like I'd need to add the 12 or 14 to that for some speed.

    So has anybody been able to successfully filter the 7-14 or know of any way to do it, I know this isn't the only lens with a bubble front element.

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    I've read about people making filter mounts in various ways but I don't think any of them are vignette free until around 9mm.
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    Off the top of my head you could use gelatin filters. I used them in my large format days. Basically they are thin plastic (very high quality), usually square, sheets that you hold in front of the lens or in a holder you mount on the lens itself.

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