Is there a compatibility Chart???

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    Is there a chart or graph that shows which adapter is used for legacy lenses? There are so many different lenses I would like to try on my E-P2 but don't know which adapter to use. It would be nice to find one that will allow you to use a wide variety of glass. Such as, which adapter would you need for a Contax 50mm Planar T lens? Could the same adapter be used for Voightlander M mount lenses??? :confused:
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    Ray, not Oz
    There's an absolute heap of adapters available for m4/3s, ranging from around $40 - $250+, depending on manufacturer. Novoflex and Voigtlander are at the top end of town, but make very high quality adapters. Then there are the Chinese makers that have a range of options ranging from nearly as good as the high end to cheapest, but still functional.

    The ones I've bought from are, in order of cheapest to most expensive:

    Voigtlander - find local supplier ot Camera Quest

    Novoflex (haven't bought a Novoflex adapter, but a lot of other Novoflex gear)




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    Thanks Ray, The ability to use all the wonderful legacy glass was one of the draws to the micro 4/3rds system. First I'll get a Rayqual Contax Yashica adapter so I can use my 50mm f1.4 Planar T, and 85mm f2.8 Sonnar T lenses. I was going to get the Oly 14-150mm zoom when it came out but will spend some time with my old glass first.....
    Thanks again,