Is the GH-2 m4/3?


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Jun 15, 2010
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I compared the GH-2 dimensions with a couple Olympus 4/3 dSLRs and the results were very interesting.

The GH-2 has the :43: mount, not the standard 4/3 mount. This makes it more versatile for using off-brand lenses and adaptors, albeit with manual focus and aperature. But the size is more in line with the standard 4/3 dSLR cameras.

GH-2 dimensions: 124mm x 90mm x 76 mm
E620 dimensions: 130mm x 94 mm x 60mm
E450 dimensions: 130mm x 91mm x 53mm

My guess is that you'll soon be seeing the future Olympus Pro PEN camera to be something akin to the GH-2...and less like the E-P1 or E-P2 in form.

My $0.02 FWIW...what do you think?

P.S. Wouldn't you like to see faster :43: zoom lenses?


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Feb 12, 2010
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The GH2 is just about exactly the same size as the GH1, which itself is just slightly larger than the other G bodies that came out originally with the introduction of the format. Small size isn't the G/GH body's strength - it's features and capability, especially for the GH bodies. The G-bodies themselves aren't that much smaller than entry-sized APS-C cameras, although the lenses make a big difference in overall system size.

We can only hope that one of these two companies brings out a pro-level body with a pro-level sensor and pro-level lenses soon. I think my bet's on Olympus to do it first as a concession to the 4/3 crowd they're leaving in the dust by moving away from that format. Panasonic's too focused on the consumer market, and at 3d/video features to worry about a pro-level camera system. They'd be competing directly against traditionally professional camera makers like Canon & Nikon, and they probably know that's an uphill battle they may not care to wage.


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Nov 4, 2010
There must be something wrong with the size of the GH2 in the Specs, or the measurement changed. They look more or less the same.

GH1 depth 45mm
GH2 depth 76mm
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