iOS7 - Using the Open In... feature in iOS7 to edit images from the cloud!!!

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    I recently blogged about using the The "Open In..." feature in iOS7 to edit images (jpg & raw) from a cloud based storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox & Skydrive to name a few. Here is a snippet from the blog post:

    "The "Open In..." feature is one powerful feature in iOS7. Most apps now has the ability to open a doc, image or whatever else in any installed app that can read the file type on your iPad. This option took a whole new meaning the other day when I was chatting with some fellow iPaders about editing images from the cloud on the iPad. I had already been using this feature to work within photo editing apps without having to save a copy of the image each time. The "Open In...", actually lets you do it in a quasi-cloud kinda way without having to save locally. I tested this with Google Drive, but it is possible that it works with Dropbox, Skydrive and the numerous other cloud based storage services."

    Click the link below for a full walk through...
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