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    Nov 27, 2015
    Hi all. Not sure how it works here, but thought I'd post a bit of an intro. Long time lurker, & reader, now finally an mu4/3 owner.
    Have had my eye on 4/3 for quite a long time. The continuous AF tracking performance has always put me off a little, but since Panny came out with their DFD, I thought it was about time to jump in. Especially when someone on another forum posted an absolutely cracking deal on the GX8, with bonus 25 1.7 lens. I actually prefer the G7 form factor, but the 8's features swayed me over. Namely, the IBIS, & 1/8000 shutter speed. The tilty flippy EVF helps too. And the newer sensor.
    I currently shoot with Canon, a 6D and a few 1.8-2.8 primes. My favorite being the humble 40 mm pancake. The Panny 20 1.7 should see me right there :) I'm also quite fond of the Canon 50 mm STM. Once again, the 25 1.7 should cover that. The big drawcard for me, is when I want to shoot telephoto. There seems to be a really good range of 350-600 mm equivalent lenses in the lineup. That are both quite compact, and reasonably priced. I actually also have an EOS M, which I have the 11-22 ultrawide, & also a 55-250 STM. As anything tele for the 6D gets really big, heavy & quite expensive rather rapidly. Unfortunately, the AF speed is a little bit lacking with tele lenses for my liking. I'm hoping that the GX8 will cover all bases, & provide a one camera solution. I really like shooting primes the most, & 4/3 seems to have quite a decent selection to choose from. Far far better than Canon & Nikons APS-C range anyway. Another large attraction. Now just waiting for it to turn up (the GX8) so I can have a bit of a play with it.
    Cheers all. You'll probably hear/read quite a few stupid sounding questions for a while, until I get my head around the new format.
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    The only stupid questions are the ones you're afraid to ask. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome aboard!