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    Feb 24, 2014
    hi folks im shaun living in N Ireland. Im more of a happy snapper trying to improve my photography with an upgrade from compact to Lumix G3. I hope to learn more as time goes on. Well that's it for now see you all soon.
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    Welcome Shaun, it's always good to see a fellow Celt.

    This is the place to be if you want to learn about :43:
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    call me Arg
    Enjoy your self Shaun, pretty friendly mob here.

    The G3 is a very nice camera. I got one for my wife when I was into big DSLR cameras. Within a year or so I was convinced by its photos that I was wasting my time with the bigger models. Now I have a ยต4/3 camera too.

    One big advantage with your upgrade is interchangeable lenses. Have a think about what is best for you.

    The other huge tip is to book into a basic photography class, especially one that says 'for DSLR owners': that means people with camera that have full manual controls -- like your G3.