Interview with Olympus Manager on 43Rumors

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    I'm just noting this because for once it seems pretty honest and coincides wiht what I have perceived as Olympus's decisions:

    Focus Numerique (google translation here) posted the interview with Olympus manager Toshiyuki Terada. As usual a couple of highlights:

    1. Why no large sensor fixed lens compact?
      We have limited human resources and we have to set priorities. And the reduction in the size ultimately would not be so important and above all, we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition and is where it’s tricky.
    2. About 4K:
      For now, the 4K is not indispensable and we have to find interesting features around the 4K before implanting.
    3. What is the most impressive or most outstanding technology?
      I was really impressed with the choice of Sony released a 24×36 sensor with 12MP only! Stabilization is also, for me, an important step. We introduced the 5-axis stabilization system and it is important in many areas: for slow speeds for telephoto zoom lenses and even video.
    4. Olympus main focus:
      If I had to summarize the position of Olympus, is to keep the quality of the optics while trying to provide maximum portability.
    5. High Resolution mode:
      “One of our wishes and to use the HR mode (High Resolution) freehand. It would be really interesting.“
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  2. robcee

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    Rob Campbell
    translation of translation: 4K is NOT important enough to our users to implement at this time.

    I think they're having problems making it work with their stabilization system and unwilling to compromise on quality.
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    I've wondered that myself. Sony may have both, but I've read that their IBIS works differently.
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    I wonder if neglecting video will hurt Oly. I know many here could care less, and I could care less, but at a certain point features become "baseline" and not having them makes a product seem "cheap" and poorly featured. I'm old enough to remember when AC, power windows, CD players, or (a more current example) smart phone connectivity were options on cars. Now, I don't know if you can buy a car in the US without those features (except for CD players... that tech might have been replaced by smart phone connectivity).
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    Mar 17, 2011
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    I'm sure they'll include it at some point for this very reason. I do wonder if they can't make the 4K work with their 5 axis IBIS. That would explain their delay.
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  6. tkbslc

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    Sony has also only done it on their $3000 camera. It might just be expensive tech.
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