Interview in b/w - GH2 Olympus 14-42 II

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    I wish I remembered all my parameters! Think it was dynamic b/w with minus 1 contrast and minus 2 noise reduction. I chose a place in the shade (it was a bright contrasty sunny day) and set the wind cut for maximum.

    Manual video mode with shutter speed set at 1/50, turned the aperture until it showed no blowouts, watching the histogram.

    Rendered with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 to mp4 with the Sony AVC Internet 1280 x 720 30P template.

    I did have a weird problem with two videos I rendered today - while they played through with sound to their completion, upon uploading they somehow lost sound partway through. I know I must have had some setting wrong, so I rerendered until the sound was complete.

    [ame=]Tom Talks About the Occupy Movement on Vimeo[/ame]

    Learning Sony Vegas Movie Studio is a bear, but I've been helped quite a bit with VASST's instructional dvd set: Vegas Movie Studio HD 10 Training - HD 10, HD Platinum 10, and HD Platinum 10 Pro-Pack