'Interesting Perspectives From Four-Thirds Owners/Users'

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    May 8, 2011
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    Interesting stuff. I myself have just purchased a Pentax K-5, since I already have a fairly large kit of Pentax zooms and primes. But I openly admit it may be my last "real" DSLR. The newest micro four-thirds cameras and lenses are very good. I suspect the next full generation of sensors and auto-focus systems (as opposed to simply the next generation of cameras) may put it over the top.

    If you look at my signature, you can see I have a reasonably extensive micro four-thirds kit. But you'll also note that I don't have any of the really expensive lenses - in the $700-$1000 range. Almost all of my lenses were in the $300-$350 range and even the 100-300mm was obtained brand-new for under $500. I can't justify going after the top-tier lenses while I still have my Pentax kit.

    It's taken us three years since the introduction of the G1 to get where we are with micro four-thirds. We have only just started on the second generation of sensors for the system. Another three years (maybe less - who knows?) sounds about right for my total conversion to mirrorless, most likely micro four-thirds.

    Anyone else?
  2. A fair mix of opinions there. Some from those who already own m4/3 gear, some from those don't seem bothered, and a few who seem almost offended by the existence of m4/3...
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    I wouldn't say offended - but some do feel that Olympus has abandoned the 4/3 group that made Olympus strong in the digital era...
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    i came from a nikon d70, to an oly e30, to my ep3

    i never seemed to take photos with the d70 cause it didnt have the "omg i love it!" feel that i got from holding the e-1... but i caved into the "i can get it sliiightly cheaper and its technically better spec wise" ideas of the nikon kit i got

    so finally got an e30 to get that YAY OLYMPUS! fanboy feeling... but it was still.... HUGE... and annoying to tote around all day
    i dont get paid for my photos, so i wanted something that wouldnt keep me from shooting due to bulk, etc

    yay for ep3 ;)