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    Just wondering if you guys ever visit non-gear related photography sites when looking for inspiration towards creating or refining your artistic vision. I'll post my favorites, and if you guys have some I haven't seen, please post them.

    My favorite is | AMERICAN SUBURB X Some contemporary stuff, but a LOT of photo history stuff. Really great site, and the curator has a great instagram feed where he curates found snapshots. (Doug Rickard (@dougrickard) • Instagram photos and videos). Not Art, but great kitsch americana.

    Others are
    American Photo
    LensCulture - Contemporary Photography

    And those of you who never thought about stuff like this and just shoot pedestrian subjects like birthday parties... have a look at these and maybe up your game. There are plenty of examples on these sites of people creating really compelling photos from "pedestrian" subjects.

    I hope you guys have some sites I've missed!
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    Feb 24, 2013
    I'm still hoping for a response so I'm going to bump this up.
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    I don't go to a lot of web sites unless I see something that is really unique or interesting (someone's street shooting blog that catches my eye or maybe a collection of old mug shots from the 1920s that have been digitized, etc.) But to your point, I still like to see what my local library has to check out in photo books. By that I mean the stuff you are talking about, not a book about photography, but a book of photos. It is a nice break from the screen to be able to sit on the couch with a beer and leaf through a book of photos, especially if you can find one on a particularly interesting, unique, rare, or weird topic. Especially the older books where every photo isn't "baked" (processed) to death where you can enjoy the subject and the photography, not the digital filters, settings, and plug-ins that all "go to 11". :)
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    Photo books are great. It turns out they are often a really good investment too. They don't sell well enough to stay in print or for a second edition, and when they are out of print photographers want to get one before they are gone.

    This 3 volume set sold for $200 4 years ago William Eggleston: Chromes (9783869303116): William Eggleston: Books
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    Thanks for this post. I will look out the sites you linked. I usually browse on Flickr for photos just cos I like looking at them (and/or for inspiration.) - but there can be a lot of dross (although you can improve your s/n ratio by who you choose to follow...!)
    Also second hand photo books are good, I agree. I've not really ever thought about the kind of sites you are talking about, apart from I do sometimes read the free online "f11 magazine" -

    I occasionally participate/visit forums, but find it a bit daunting and technical in the forums where people post and then ask for critique (though I have done it).

    Cheers again for trying to drag us all away from being totally "gear heads".

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