Inside the Cosina Voightlander Nokton 25mm F0.95

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by RobWatson, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Ever wonder what's inside but don't have one or would not dream of taking apart your expensive baby? Not to worry, I've got tools and no sense so have a look!
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    Actually, I get paid to do this kind of stuff. I might even take a file to some of the innards. Wish me luck!

    Anyone have any ideas on reducing the friction in the focus mechanism I'm all ears.
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  2. RobWatson

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    No worries!

    Lest anyone gets overly concerned I got it all put right back together ship shape.
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    I have one, and I refer to it as "my baby" as well. At the price I paid for it- I totally gasped when I saw your pics :smile:

    Out of curiosity- what ARE you doing that for?
  5. RobWatson

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    Kills cats and does much damage when misused.

    Trying to figure out how to lessen the friction in the focus mechanism. Can't say why - top secret stuff.
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    You would probably get more help for this on mflenses forum. I wanted to do thr same for my hexanon...."Grease" and "helicoid" came up alot :biggrin:
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  7. RobWatson

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    I've stripped all the grease from the helicoid threads and applied graphite as a lubricant but still not so great. There is tremendous bearing surface in that thread arrangement - I think I need to shave the threads down a bit.
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    Mar 2, 2010
    unless your copy is different to mine, the focussing is perfect, so what on earth are you trying to change?