Infrared Photography and Gimp - anyone?

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by PakkyT, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Jun 20, 2015
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    Curious if there happens to be anyone here shooting infrared and edit their shots in Gimp. I am looking for tips and ideas. Actually it doesn't even have to be Gimp. Any editing software is likely to have functions and features very similar to Gimp, or if you convince me that the package you use is "da bomb" for infrared, I may consider a change.

    My problem is that even thought I have been using editing software for 15 years, I really don't know much about using editing software. In other words, I have been mainly using the basics (crop, white balance, straighten, etc.) but have never really grasped the concepts of using layers, curves, and other tools/tricks of the more powerful editing packages.

    My current workflow for my infrared shots when using Gimp is mainly auto white balance (which works surprisingly well in Gimp on IR) and sometimes auto equalize (both under the color menu if memory serves me correctly) and sometimes will use the channel mixer to swap the red and blue channels if the scene seems to call for it. All three of these I will try on about every shot to see the difference and simply undo the ones that for a particular photo don't really work well. Beyond that the rest is simply things like contrast, cropping, straightening, etc.

    I have made a number of what I think are really nice looking photos using this method. But at the same time there are a lot of shots that look kind of "meh" and I bet if I mastered things like layers, curves, and the other power user tricks I could make some of those really pop. But IR photos are a bit different that color in that I think like good black & white photos, you kind of need to know how to edit specifically for IR. So many online tutorials and blogs don't really apply well.

    So anyone here shooting infrared?
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