Industar-61LD Aperture Test Shots

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    Since I already did something similar for the Jupiter-11 (but not just apertures), I decided I'd do the same for some of my other lens on the birdhouse.

    Shots were taken on my Olympus Pen E-P3.

    Focus Point : lower right corner of the birdhouse (specifically that lil black knot in the wood)

    Processed from the raw file (all the files if any adjustments made were done to all of them).

    Shooting: from 2.8 up to 16, in manual mode, for each aperture I'd adjust the shutter until metering showed 0.0 (center-weighted) so that each shot were relatively the same exposure. It's a partly cloudy day today so the brightness changed a bit.

    Click image for full size. The web-sized ones were simply resized down to 960x760 (bicubic sharper sampling) and a simple unsharp mask applied (60%, 0.8, 3).