In the Dunes

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    The beach where I live is about 3km long. Half of it is residential and the other half are dunes which, luckily, are now protected and can't be built on. They've built wooden walkways through them so people can walk (and run).
    Here is a board at one of the entrances with a photo (walkways in red):


    By the way, to take this I changed to Macro in Scn and it overrode the B/W setting and used colour. So back home I set 'Monotone' in 'Picture mode' and then selected 'Scn' and sure enough it overrides the B/W setting in all settings - even 'Documents'. Does this mean you can't shoot 'Macro' in B/W?

    Anyway, a few photos:



    This one goes to the top of a dune overlooking the beach


    where you get this view


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    What a scenic place. Nice pics!

    That's got to be a beautiful stroll along that boardwalk.
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    Apr 1, 2010
    St. Paul, Minnesota
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