In the dreich midwinter ...

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  1. Maczero

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    It turned out to be a bad decision to go for a walk today ...


    This is the trail to John Knox's Pulpit (the rocky outcrop towards the left centre of the top of the picture mark the remaining bits of it) in the Lomond Hills of Fife, where an angel with a flaming sword was supposed to guard worshippers attending conventicles during the 'Killing Times' in the seventeenth century. Sadly the angel wasn't there to stop the local council destroying the overhanging part of the rocks for "safety' reasons.

    BTW - it's not grain, just driving sleet.

    The 75-300 allowed decent compression to get the composition.

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    Cool - though not a great day for a stroll! :biggrin:
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    I like two things about this post: first, the photo, and second, that lovely word dreich :)