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    As the years pass I see more and more in places that I've spent countless hours (actually we do count them all). I'm always suprised how few photos there are of the activities considering the time spent in this place. Parties and promotions sure but those are actually rare occurences compared to the usual pattern.

    I like the 'fractured' effect the mirrors place on the seat of honor (a.k.a. the shomen). So many stories for each element but they don't mean much to outsiders. Strange and funny because we try to be open and welcoming to everyone but there is some much only known to the 'in' group-even amongst the regular members.

    Just a small selection of weapons but each well worn with years of dedicated use.

    Interesting mix ... Japanese art but more goes on that just that.

    How long to black belt? I like the new uniforms passing over to the seriously worn and torn one. Then a fresh (not really) new one and then the fancy pants (a.k.a hakama that black belts finally get to wear).
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    <a href="" title="Mitsubishi Iaido Club di stefano aria, su Flickr"> View attachment 167716 "640" height="640" alt="Mitsubishi Iaido Club"></a>

    more on flickr
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